Product overview

tl_files/billeder/brochureforsider/product guide.pngWeighing- and dosing technique is our specialty and all products are designed and constructed to obtain the best reliability and user friendliness on the market. This brochure provides an overview of our qualifications and products emphasizing the benefits in choosing a weighing- or dosing solution from Jesma.

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Video-clip from DONG Energy

Jesma Weighing solution in Denmark delivers a lot of equipment for the energy-sector. At the DONG Energy Plant near Aarhus, Jesma has installed 5 build-in belt scales. The video shows the functions of the scales and the reason why DONG Energy has chosen Jesma scales.
See the short film here

Symas 2014 Exhibition in Krakov

Jesma is participating in the international Easyfair exhibition Symas 2014 for the bulk industry.

We are proud once again to present our comprehensive product program within dosing as well as dynamic and continuous weighing.

We look forward to welcoming you on our stand C1 in Krakov from 29th to 30th of October 2014

Video-clip from DAKA Protein

Jesma has delivered an approved weigh feeder solution to DAKA Protein in Denmark. Many companies still use weigh bridges when the finished product leaves the factory. To save time and money Jesma can deliver an approved weigh feeder solution for the outloading of the product. 
See the short film about the weighing solution for DAKA Protein here